Physiotherapy in Romania

Romania is located in the southeastern part of Europe. The capital of the country is Bucharest. Studying in Romania today has attracted the attention of many students due to the affordable costs and the presence of international universities. Qualifications provided by the universities of the European Union are approved. QS, a reputable site for ranking different universities around the world, also includes 49 public universities and 8 private universities. For this reason, by studying in Romania, you can benefit from quality education at reasonable and affordable costs.

Choose Romania to study Physiotherapy

Today، Romania is one of the destinations for applicants to study in European countries. For this reason, students in various fields want to study and study the conditions of education and entry to universities in this country. Romania chooses to study physiotherapy for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is the low cost of education. This means that applicants can benefit from quality education by paying less than other European countries. It should also be noted that physiotherapy studies are done at universities in this country without an entrance exam. It is important to note that at some universities this course is offered to students in English. This is a good thing for students who do not speak Romanian. If you are worried about the position, the demand for this field is very high in Romania and you can work in different clinics, hospitals and centers after studying. Degrees from universities in Romania are also valid in other countries. This allows you to accept your job opportunities in other countries as well.

Timeline of studying Physiotherapy in Romania

Romanian universities offer physiotherapy at undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. In this section، we will discuss the course of physiotherapy in Romania. This will be different for each stage.

Bachelor Degree: 3 years

Master’s Degree : 2 years

It should be noted that continuous postgraduate education takes 5 years.

Ph.D. 3 to 4 years

Fees for Physiotherapy Education in Romania

As mentioned earlier, the cost of education in Romania is more affordable than in other European countries. And that’s exactly what students are interested in. In this section, we will specifically discuss the costs of physiotherapy education in Romania:

Overall physiotherapy education ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 per year. This amount will vary on an annual basis depending on the level of education and the university in question. For example, studying at the University of Carroll Davya in Bucharest costs €4,000, physiotherapy at Gregor T. Popa University is €3,500 and Cluj Napoka University is €4,200. As it is noteworthy, studying in different cities costs differently. Other factors affecting the cost of education include the language of study. In general, studying in English will be more expensive than Romanian. Lastly, we should say that if you are able to get a scholarship along with all of these, you have saved significantly your costs.



Romanian Physiotherapy Universities

Carol Davya University: Located in Bucharest. It is one of the largest and oldest medical universities in Romania and also offers facilities to its students in more than 20 hospitals throughout Bucharest. Entry to the university is accompanied by an entrance exam that aims to assess the student’s English language.

Gregor Tippopa University: This university is located in Yash. Gregor T Popa University is currently one of the oldest higher education centers in Romania, there are 4 different faculties and more than 800 famous professors teach at various undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.

University of Orade: It is a non-profit center of higher education in the city of Orada. The institution has admission according to the individual’s academic background and grades, plus its own entrance exam.

Ivolio Hatigano University: It is located in Cluj Napoca. It is classified by the Ministry of Education as a “leading university in research and education”. Admission to the university is possible without an entrance exam and only by providing academic records and transcripts.

Victor Bibbs University: Victor Bibbs University is a public university located in Timishwara. Victor Bibbs University has recently been approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health, thus increasing the demand for admission from this university. Admission to this university will be based on the transcripts of two courses in Chemistry and Biology.



Documents required to study Physiotherapy

In order to study physiotherapy at accredited Romanian universities, the applicant must meet some criteria. First, the person must be at least 17 years old. The applicant must be fluent in Romanian or English. In general, the required documents for physiotherapy education will be as follows:

Presentation of academic records, diplomas and transcripts

Valid language proof of English or Romanian language proficiency

Copies of passport and photograph

Provide birth certificate + copies of all pages

Health certificate approved by a doctor

Evidence of Innocence

Financial means that the student will be able to pay the expenses

Letter of motivation and recommendation by the student


Working conditions while studying in Romania

The privilege of studying in Romania is a part-time work permit for students. In order to take advantage of this position you must first obtain your work permit from the Romanian Immigration Office. Continuing to master the Romanian language can be an advantage for working in clinics and even other occupations.

Working while studying can help with individual financial aid. In addition, with more experience, you will be able to become more successful and professional in your career path. A similar situation can also improve your learning of Romanian. Of course, it should be noted that creating a balance between work and lessons is one of the requirements for choosing this lifestyle.

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