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Purpose of creating the ABACE forum

ABACE Cultural and Educational forum is a specialized association to further strengthen the ties between Iran and Romania. This forum is a specialized association set up to provide more services to Iranian compatriots in Romania. We are proud to announce that we are the first and largest specialized forum for Iranians in Romania. By creating this forum, we established unity and solidarity among all Iranians living in Romania.

The Story Of ABACE

It all started when we started providing immigration services to Iranians. Over ten years, our team has grown so large that more than a thousand people a year are just Iranian immigrants migrating to Romania. There are problems for Iranians in many countries, the solutions to which may be less found. By creating this association, while creating a cultural activity and movement between Iran and Romania, we intend to offer special services to Iranians. In fact, our main goal is empathy and unity among Iranians living in Romania.


Iranian culture and art have always been spoken all over the world. The culture of Romania and its warm-blooded people have also been an attractive challenge for Iranians. Art and culture in Romania is one of the most important concerns of people to prove themselves to the world. For this reason, this issue is pursued professionally in Romania. We also provide special services in this field in the Department of Culture and Arts.

Living in Romania may also be possible in English. But to get fully acquainted and find your place in Romania, you need to learn Romanian. Many people start learning a language in the first place. At Abache Cultural and Educational Association, we have organized an activity in the field of teaching Romanian to you dear ones. You can learn Romanian completely by visiting this department and registering, and also get a valid language certificate.

Music is an integral part of the culture and nation of Romania and Iran. This is one of the commonalities between the two countries. That’s why we decided to do a special activity in this field. Find out more by visiting the music department.

Another of our services at the Abacheh Association is holding large and small conferences. Due to the facilities and communication we have, we have the ability to hold all kinds of conferences in Romania.

The Department of Economics is one of the most popular departments in ABACE. The activity of this department is in the field of economics and big economic proposals. Dear ones, you can refer to this department to be informed about the facilities of this department and the way it operates.

One of the great activities of the Abache Association, which has been active in this field for many years, is the education department in Romania. We provide facilities for you dear ones in Romania so that you can study in this country. For more information in this regard, you can refer to the relevant page.

But another of our activities at the ABACE forum is in the field of tourism in Romania. Romania is a very spectacular and beautiful country. In this forum, we show you the beauties of Romania.

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